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Online Land Tax Information


Online Land Tax Information

You may now access your Clawson (or other property in Oakland County) tax information, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You will need your 10-digit property tax identification number (parcel I.D.). Please note that only special assessments that are billed on your July tax bill are available on this system. Water and other bills, which are mailed separately throughout the year are not currently available. That information can be obtained by contacting the Treasurer’s office at 248.435.4500, during normal business hours. For 24/7 property tax information use the Interactive Voice Response system at 1.248.858.0025 or call toll free, 1.888.600.3773.

Property Gateway provides economical and immediate internet access anytime, anywhere to information that businesses and residents of Oakland County can use to make timely decisions.

Current Tax Profile provides current property tax information for a specific parcel of land.

Delinquent Tax Statements identify outstanding delinquent tax obligations by specific parcel.

Mortgage Application Acceleration Program is a tool for estimating the value of a home using comparable housing sales.

Residential Property Analysis is a parcel search and identification mechanism that allows a person to search by property characteristics and retrieve information such as sales, property use, etc.

Residential Property Profile provides a property profile of a specific parcel.

Recorded Document Profile provides current recorded document information and the capability to access images of recorded documents. Credit card purchase of this product is not currently available.

The nominal fees for using Access Oakland will allow the County to further expand the public records information base.  Cost to users range from $1.500 per property for a delinquent tax profile to $20.00 for a specific database search of up to 10 percent of a municipality’s housing stock to $500 annually and 50 cents per property for a business account for information on a file with the register of deeds. To subscribe to Access Oakland call 248.858.2100 or visit the website. Individuals are always welcome to come to the Oakland County offices at 250 Elizabeth Lake Road, Pontiac, to access public records without paying a fee.

Oakland County Equalization Division

General Information: 248.858.0989
Personal Property: 248.858.2133
Property Description: 248.858.0762
Real Estate Assessment: 248.858.0776



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