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Treasurer's Office

Clawson Treasurer


Clawson Treasurer

City Hall
425 N. Main Street
Clawson, MI 48017

Stacey Hodges, City Treasurer
248.435.4500, x138

Monday–Thursday, 7:30am–5:30pm

By Charter, all monies accruing to the City of Clawson, will be collected by the City Treasurer’s department. Each day receipts are deposited into the General fund and/or the tax accounts at banking institutions designated by Council.

On January 1st of each year the real and personal property located in the City is assessed subject to appeal by the property owner. Property owners receive a notice of valuation for the current year in February before the March Board of Review. Appeal dates are printed on the notice. If you do not agree with the valuation assessed for your property, you must meet with the Board of Review. This is the only time of year you can protest your valuation. Many people don’t realize that if they wait until they receive their summer tax bill, it is too late to make appeals. One point to remember is that you are discussing only valuation and not tax dollars. Only after the Board of Review, and you still disagree with their decision, you may appeal further to the Michigan Tax Tribunal. Please visit Oakland County Equalization for more information or call the following for specific information:

General Information: 248.858.0776

Personal Property (businesses): 248.858.2133

Property Description: 248.858.0762

Real Estate Assessment: 248.858.0776

Property taxes are levied on the Taxable Value. The State Equalized Value represents 50% of the market value of your property. The Summer Taxes are levied on July 1st of each year and are due & payable by July 31st. Penalty begins August 1st at 1/2% per month. Senior citizens 62 years of age and older with a household income not exceeding $40,000 can defer their Summer Tax on homestead property only until February 14 without penalty. Others qualifying with the same income requirements are paraplegics, quadriplegics, eligible Service person, eligible widow, widower, blind persons and persons totally and permanently disabled. They need to sign the deferment form and return it to our office by September 15th each year. To download the form click here.

In our city, taxpayers may pay their Summer Tax bill in eight (8) equal, monthly installments, interest-free if they so desire. They need only request it after receiving the bill and by July 31st. Payments begin July and end in February, paying each month to avoid a late fee. The Winter Taxes are levied on December 1st of each year and are due & payable by February 14th. A 4% penalty is added on February 15th. The final date for collecting taxes in our office is February 28th. After that date, taxes are delinquent and payable only at Oakland County with additional penalties.

Property taxes continue to be one of the heaviest burdens for many homeowners, especially older adults. Those on fixed incomes often have difficulty keeping pace with rising property tax costs. The Michigan General Property Tax Act of 1893 states “The real and personal property of persons who, in the judgment of the supervisor and board of review, by reason of poverty, are unable to contribute towards the public charges is exempt from taxation under this act.”

Appealing Your Property Tax Assessment

Individuals experiencing economic hardship have the right to appeal their property tax assessment and may receive a reduced assessment and, subsequently, a reduced property tax bill.

How: The homeowner should request a hearing before the city’s board of review. They are expected to demonstrate why he or she is unable to afford the taxes. Any information supporting the reduction such as low income, death of spouse, high medical bills, etc., should be presented to the board. Documentation, such as income tax returns, may be required.

In a hardship appeal, the homeowner is not disputing the validity of the assessment on the home, but is saying he or she can’t afford the taxes the assessment will generate. If the Board of Review agrees, the owner gets a special, reduced assessment that generates a lower tax bill. Reductions are granted for a one year period, but a person may reapply annually.

When: Appeals are filed after the new assessments are mailed out each February, and are heard by the Board of Review in March, July, and December.

Where: Forms and info are available from the assessor’s at Oakland County Equalization. Please confirm procedures for Economic Hardship Appeals with them.

Homestead Property Tax Credit Facts

This tax credit program is designed to relieve the strain of property tax expenses on a homeowner or renter and is available through Michigan’s individual income tax system.

Who: Homeowners & renters.

What: A refund up to a maximum cap of $1,200 on property taxes paid by the resident. If the refund has not been applied for in previous income tax years, you may apply for up to four years (retroactive) of past tax years. Prior years’ income statements and property tax bills are needed.

How: The amount of the refund is calculated according to how large the property tax payment is in relation to annual income. If you are a renter, 20 percent of your rent payment is counted as your property tax contribution.

Where: Assistance in filling out the Homestead Property Tax Rebate is available through AARP Tax Assistance Sites and some senior centers. Homestead Property Tax Credit forms are available at all libraries, senior centers or income tax form display sites.

You may have to contact the State Department of Treasury in Lansing to obtain the forms for previous years. Call 517.373.6598. If you are unsure whether you have filed for the credit in previous years call 1.800.487.7000. To avoid penalty or late charges, payments must be received before closing on the date the bill is due. Postmarks are not accepted. When a due date falls on a weekend or a holiday, payment will be accepted, without penalty, the next business day the Treasurer's office is open.

Summer taxes are mailed July 1st every year.

Winter taxes are mailed December 1st every year.

If you pay your own taxes and do not receive a Summer tax bill during the first week of July, please contact the Treasurers office ASAP to receive a copy. If you pay your own taxes and do not receive a Winter tax bill during the first week of December, please contact the Treasurers office ASAP to receive a copy.

Treasurer Schedule of Fees

Click here or the Treasurer Fee Schedules effective 7/1/18.

Apartment List $    5.00
Bad (NSF) Check Fee $ 20.00
Installment Booklet for Summer Tax Payments  
First Book $ 10.00
Replacement Booklet $ 10.00
Tax Sales List $    5.00
Tax Information Per Page $    1.00

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