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Crime Alerts


Crime Alerts

Craigslist Scam
The department has had several reports involving Craigslist. A common practice involving “scam artists” is to send a check to an individual offering to pay for an item/service. The check is usually made out for a much larger amount than necessary. A request is made asking an individual to deposit the check and mail them the difference. Most banks will cash these checks and you may be held responsible.

Please visit Craigslist for safety tips.

Phone Scams

A local business recently received a telephone call from a person claiming to be a representative of DTE. That person advised the local business that they were behind on their electrical bill. They requested credit card information from the business to resolve the "outstanding" balance. Once the credit card information was provided, the business was told that their account was now in good standing and they would not have their electric shut off. 

Please visit DTE
for up-to-date information on Utility Imposters.

An individual let a solicitor into his home to hear a sales pitch. While that solicitor was in his home, the person left the room to get some money to purchase a product. While out of the room, the solictor took a blank check from the homeowner and filled it out. This individual was fortunate enough to get back all of his money. CPD ecourages all residents to check solictors for valid permits. The city requires all solictors to be licensed. If you have any doubts, contact CPD to verify a permit.

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