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Historical Museum

Clawson Historical Museum


Clawson Historical Museum

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(Aerial view of Clawson from 1928)

Museum Reopening  for Appointments Wednesday June 16th, 2021
You may contact the Curator to schedule a tour by Phone: 248-588-9169, email: or message us through our facebook page. Appointments are available during our normal business hours.

The museum is open
Wednesday  &
Saturday (Labor Day - Memorial Day)
2:00 PM-5:00 PM
admission is free

41 Fisher Court, Clawson Michigan 48017

New Exhibit- Welcome to the 20s
Come see our new exhibit that (in 1920s slang) is sure to be the bee's knee's (something highly sought after). Drop your giggle water (alcoholic beverage) grab your Goof (sweetie) and enjoy a step back to the 1920s! We are now 100 years from the start of the "Roaring 20s"- a time period sure to fascinate everyone. We have an exhibit that spans all kinds of genres including fashion, politics, economics, music and film.  

About the Museum
The City of Clawson purchased the three story home in 1972 along with other property on Roth Avenue to provide additional parking and a driveway for the library. In November of 1973, the city council allocated two rooms on the second floor to the Historical Commission to be used as a museum.

The rooms were first opened with fewer than 100 items on December 11, 1973. By 1976, the collection had grown and artifacts were on all three floors and in the basement. On March 14, 1976, the entire building was officially dedicated as the Clawson Historical Museum. The first curator, Deloris Kumler, was appointed in August, 1977. She retired in December, 2007.

The house was built about 1919 by Oswald and Deborah Fisher and reflects the furnishings of the 1920’s or earlier. The archives contain over 5,000 photographs which are currently being digitized; some are available on the website. A special exhibit room features a rotating display that changes during the year. The research room has Clawson High School yearbooks, city yearbooks, local history resources and genealogical materials.

The archives hold an extensive collection of newspaper clippings and over 5,000 photographs are stored and available for research, including early local newspapers on computer. Magazines, periodicals, catalogs, clothing patterns and fashion books are also part of the archives and may be viewed on request. We can provide copies of newspaper clippings, photographs and historical information to citizens requesting them. We can also scan photographs and other information that are brought in so that the copies can be filed in the museum archives.

The museum is owned by the City of Clawson and the operation of the museum is under the direction of the Curator and the Clawson Historical Commission. 

The Clawson Historical Museum offers a variety of entertaining and educational presentations and tours at the museum or at the Blair Memorial Library. All programs are offered free of charge, and advanced reservations are required. 

To request a private or group tour please contact the Curator at  (248) 588-9169 or email at 

The following items are for sale to aid the museum:

  • Two Square Miles, the Heroes of a Small Town, volumes I and II, by Bill Hayes, $15 each
  • Pummychug, the foundation of the Village of Clawson, by Maurice Blair, $10. Children's story version also available for $6
  • Clawson, The Way It Was, by Deloris Kumler is $15
  • Images of America: Clawson, $15
  • Clawson Little City, Big Heart magnets, $5 (also available at City Hall)

Wednesday: 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Saturday: 2:00 PM - 5:00PM (Labor Day- Memorial Day)

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