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City Manager


City Manager


Scott Sarvello — Interim City Manager
248.435.4500 ext. 111

Nikalas Stepnitz — Assistant to the City Manager
248.435.4500 ext. 110

1927-Current History of City of Clawson City Managers


As the City Manager for the City of Clawson let me welcome you to Clawson. Our close-knit and big-hearted City is steeped in family heritage and tradition. We have families who have lived in Clawson for generations and continue to call it their home, as well as brand new residents that are proud to start their own family tradition in our fine City.

We have tremendous employees and volunteers that take great pride in representing this community. Now with our home values bouncing back from the lows of 2009, we continue to see a great interest in Clawson and a continuing renaissance in our downtown and business communities. Clawson is a destination point for many of the people in this region. Come and enjoy our unique and plentiful restaurants and shops, while taking in the friendly nature of our small town community. Our hope is that once you visit, you'll want to come back again and again and perhaps make Clawson your next home.

What exactly does the City Manager do?

With the tremendous support of our City Council and Department Heads, the Chief Administrative officer of the city is the City Manager. The position is appointed by City Council on the basis of merit, professional training, experience in city management and demonstrated ability. The Manager does not run for elective office; he or she is not appointed for a fixed term but, instead, serves at the pleasure of the City Council. The Charter assigns to him or her specific functions including the following:

  • Appoint all administrative offices except the City Attorney, City Clerk and Treasurer.
  • See that all laws and ordinances are enforced.
  • Manage and supervise all public improvements.
  • Prepare and administer the annual budget.
  • Be responsible to the Council for efficient administration of all departments.
  • Prepare the Agenda for Council meetings and submit to the Council such reports he/she may deem advisable or as may be required.
  • Keep the public informed, through reports to the Council, regarding the operations of City government.

The annual budget is the most significant of all policy-making opportunities available to local officials. Used wisely, the budget process can achieve the goals and objectives of the city or village and assure the delivery of the services expected by the citizens. Focusing on the budget as a policy document allows elected officials to avoid the temptation to deal only with those items with which they may feel most comfortable and concentrate instead on basic policy issues.

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