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What is a Dashboard?


What is a Dashboard?

Your car’s dashboard is a visual display of the status of your vehicle—speed, oil pressure, mileage, etc. Similarly, the city’s financial dashboard displays the status of the city’s finances. Governor Snyder has tied some of our Statutory State Shared Revenue to transparency and service sharing. We currently share dispatch and jail services with Troy. We also have interlocal reciprocal service agreements with Royal Oak and Troy for police and fire services. We also utilize Oakland County for our animal control and tax/assessing services.

Through retirement attrition we have reduced our full time work force from 62 in 2001 to 47 in 2011 and yet we still provide the same excellent services to our residents as we did back in 2001. We continue to look at local and regional consolidation to give our taxpayers the most bang for their buck.   

You can click on the Munetrix link below to view Clawson’s statistical information and financial information. The Dashboard shows statistical trends on the following items:

  • Fiscal stability
  • Economic strength
  • Crime Rate; and
  • Overall quality of life

Munetrix Citizens Guide Dashboard

What is Munetrix?

Munetrix™ Citizens’s Guide to Finances and Dashboard Munetrix is a web based information source designed to give easy-to-understand access to sometimes confusing financial information for municipal governments. The tool allows for building long-term financial forecasts and trend analysis including fiscal indicator scores, best-practice benchmarking and peer group comparisons.

2018-1 Local Government Retirement System Annual Report Form No. 5572

Debt Management Policy  - as approved by Council on April 17, 2018



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