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Voting and Elections in Clawson


Voting and Elections in Clawson

The Clerk’s Office conducts all elections in accordance with State and Federal law. The Clerk also administers the Oath of Office to all city officials, police officers and Council appointees. Below you will find useful information regarding Voting.

To request a List of all Registered voters you will need to complete the following Form and submit it to the City Clerk's Office.

Absentee Application for permanent absentee voting, and the August and November elections.

Special Election - School Bond Proposal
Tuesday, August 3, 2021 - Sample Ballot 

Local City Election 
Tuesday, November 2, 2021 -Sample Ballot

Candidates and Proposals
Visit the Oakland County Elections Division website for a complete current list of candidates and proposals.

Voter Registration

Voter Registration Form
To be eligible to become a registered voter an individual must be a citizen of the United States and must be 18 years of age. A statement that the elector has or will have lived in this state not less than 30 days before the next election. A statement that the elector has or will have established his or her residence in the township, city, or village in which the elector is applying for registration not less than 30 days before the next election.

Voter Identification Requirements

Every Michigan Voters who offers to vote in the polls must comply with the requirements by showing picture identification OR signing an affidavit attesting that he or she is not in possession of picture identification. (See MCL 168.523 for voter identification requirement.)

Voters with picture ID: Voters can satisfy the ID requirement by showing a Michigan Driver's License or a Michigan Personal Identification Card.

Voters who do not possess either document may show any of the following forms of picture ID as long as it is current:

  • Driver's license or personal ID card issued by another state
  • Federal or state government-issue photo identification
  • U.S. passport
  • Military identification card with photo
  • Student identification with photo from a high school or an accredited institution of higher education
  • Tribal identification card with photo

Voters without picture ID: Michigan election law anticipates that not all voters will have picture ID. Voters who do not have acceptable picture ID or forgot to bring acceptable picture ID to the polls can vote like any other voter by signing an affidavit.

Vote at your precinct listed below for ALL elections.

Voting Precinct Map

  • Precinct 1 votes at Kenwood Elementary School, 240 Nahma
  • Precinct 2 votes at City Hall Community Center, 425 N. Main
  • Precinct 3 votes at Baker Administration Building, 626 Phillips
  • Precinct 4 votes at Clawson High School, 101 John M
  • Precinct 5 votes at Schalm Elementary School, 940 N. Selfridge

The Citizens’ Guide to Voting Systems

This voters resource in the Michigan Department of State website uses video, photographs and text to explain how each of Michigan’s voting systems works.
Michigan Voter Information Center — check to see if you are registered to vote.

Federal Voting Assistance Program

League of Women Voters of Michigan

League of Women Voters Oakland Area

Voting Information Project

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