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Political Sign Ordinance


Political Sign Ordinance


(Excerpt from Code of Ordinances - as approved by City Council on July 17, 2012.)

Section 36-0006.               Exemptions from permit requirement.

                The following signs are permitted without a sign permit in all zoning districts where the principal permitted use to which they are related is a permitted principal, accessory or special approval use in that district:

(8)          Political signs (aka temporary signs) shall be permitted on all lots regardless of zoning, provided such sign is located and placed with the permission of the owner or lawful occupant of the lot or parcel where such sign is located, it is located no less than one hundred (100) feet from any entrance to a building in which a polling place is located, and provided that such sign does not violate any other provision of this Chapter.  No more than one (1) unlit sign may be erected on an occupied lot within the City for each candidate and/or proposal on the City of Clawson ballot.  All such signs shall not exceed sixteen (16) square feet and four (4) feet in height in the residential districts, while in all other districts, area and height shall be dictated by the regulations for ground signs in the respective districts.  No sign shall remain five (5) days following the election.  Such signs must also comply with any State requirements governing political campaigns.  Such signs shall not be placed within a right-of-way.

Section 36-0007.               Signs prohibited throughout the City.

                The following signs are considered to be unsafe, dangerous, hazardous or nuisance, therefore these signs shall not be permitted, erected, or maintained in any zoning district unless the applicant can substantiate to the Building Official that the applicant’s specific use of a sign listed in this Division will not be dangerous, hazardous, or a nuisance.  A sign shall be considered to be dangerous, hazardous or a nuisance if it poses as a source of distraction to drivers on the road, is likely to cause any physical obstruction due to detachment of said sign or part of it, is offensive in content as noted below, or contributes to blight and detriment in the appearance of the City.  Examples of hazardous signs would include but not be limited to a tilting sign, an unsafe foundation to a sign, a portion of a banner getting blown onto traffic etc.  If the Official agrees that the specific use of the sign requested is not dangerous, hazardous, or a nuisance, then the Building Official shall issue a permit for such requested use.

(12)        Placards, posters, circulars, showbills, handbills, political signs, cards, leaflets or other advertising matter, except as otherwise provided in this Division, when posted, pasted, nailed, placed, printed, stamped or in any way attached to any fence, wall, post, tree, sidewalk, pavement, platform, pole, tower, curbstone or surface in or upon any public easement or right-of-way or on any public or private property whatsoever.  Nothing in this Division shall prevent official notices of the City, school districts, or county, state or federal government from being posted on any public property deemed necessary.  All placards, posters, circulars, showbills, handbills, political signs, cards, leaflets or other advertising matter posted, pasted, nailed, placed, printed, or stamped on any right-of-way or public property may be removed and disposed of by the City without regard to other provisions of this Division.

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