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Licenses such as dog, mobile food vending, special events, initial business, peddlers/canvassers, coin operated amusement devices, liquor, and others are issued in the City Clerk’s Office.

In order to purchase dog licenses online please visit the Oakland County website.


List of Approved Mobile Food Vendors for 2018

On June 19, 2018, the Clawson City Council, adopted Ordinance No. 726 which outlines the regulation of mobile food vending vehicles and services. In general, the ordinance looks toward the promotion of additional mobile food vending services in restricted areas of Clawson, requiring permits therefore; setting fees for the issuance of such licenses; providing certain exemptions; establishing standards necessary to protect the public health, safety and welfare; specifying enforcement measures in certain instances and providing an appeal process on issues regarding the denial of a license or circumstances covering the revocation of a license. In addition, there are several forms that are required to be completed before the office of the City Clerk will issue such as license. A copy of this comprehensive ordinance can be obtained from the Office of the Clawson City Clerk, 425 N. Main Street, Clawson, MI 48017.


List of Approved Peddler/Canvasser/Non-Profit Organizations


The Clawson City Council recently enacted amendments to Chapter 54 of its Code of Ordinances ORDINANCE NO. 706 regulating the activities of peddlers, solicitors, canvassers, and others who approach residents or business owners offering products or services for sale, repair services, or seeking information for a survey or canvass. Such persons are to be registered with the City Clerk, familiar with the applicable ordinance, required to follow a standard of behavior, and are to be aware of the penalties and sanctions for violation of the provisions of Chapter 54. In addition, street solicitation is limited to non-profit service or community clubs located in Clawson and are limited to certain intersections in Clawson with safety requirements to be followed. Further, the ordinance allows for persons to register providing information on those who seek privacy from such activity and also post the appropriate notice in a conspicuous place on the residence or building occupied by them. Those persons are required to register with the City Clerk and any registration is for three years and will automatically expire unless there is a renewal of that registration. There are sanctions for any violation of the applicable ordinance which can result in revocation of the license issued under Chapter 54 in addition to the issuance of a citation with punishment up to $500.  A copy of this Ordinance is also available at the office of the Clawson City Clerk.

The City Ordinance requires that all peddlers and canvassers obtain a license from the City Clerk. The permit is valid for only one year and expires on December 31st of each year. All applicants must complete an application, an ICHAT background check (needs to be printed and submitted) and get fingerprinted to complete the application. The fee is $35.00 per individual who will be going door-to-door. Peddler and Canvassers are required to abide by the newly adopted No Knock Ordinance Amendments that were adopted at the March 17, 2015 Council Meeting. 

Peddler and Canvasser Applicant’s that handle food and other perishable and non perishable products shall file with this application a statement by a reputable physician, dated not more than ten (10) days prior to submission of the application, certifying the applicant to be free of infectious, contagious, or communicable disease.

Residents are urged to report promptly any door-to-door salesperson who is unable to produce their license. Furthermore, City Ordinance, Sec. 54-3. Hours of Operation, states that “No person shall engage in any peddling or canvassing between the following hours:

1. Between October 1 and March 31 of each year, 6pm–8am
2. Between April 1 and September 30 of each year, 8pm–8am

If you have any questions about Licenses please contact the City Clerk's Office at 248-435-4500 ext. 116 or 118. 

You can also download the required forms from the City Clerk's page under the Applications & Permits page.



Non-profit/religious/political organizations or candidates are required to submit a letter requesting to canvass in the City. If applicable, they must include a copy of their 501c(3) status, list of staff/volunteers, vehicle information, time frame, type of canvassing and any other pertinent information. Non-profit organizations are not required to pay the $35 peddler/canvasser fee. Religious and Political Organizations or candidates are protected under the Constitution and are precluded from the No Knock Registry.  Please contact the City Clerk for proper procedure and review the following adopted Peddler/Canvasser Street Solicitation Policy that was approved on February 3, 2015.

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