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My Engraved Brick


My Engraved Brick

Dear Residents and Visitors of Clawson,

In response to recent concerns about locating engraved bricks on 14 mile and Main Street, our city intern took on the project of documenting and remapping all of the ones that could be found. Over 700 bricks were documented and mapped. Below, are two spreadsheets that are in alphabetical order and divided by two locations: the Northwest corner with Pizza Hut and the Southeast corner with the Da Nang restaurant. There is a number next to each brick on the spreadsheet, which is used to locate it on the map. There may be 1 or 10 bricks with the same location, as most are in groups together.

In order to find your brick in the most efficient way, please follow these steps:

1. Open each spreadsheet and click the "Ctrl" and "F" buttons together on the keyboard
2. Type the phrase or keywords that you remember on the brick
3. After it is found on one of the spreadsheets, look at the number to the right
4. Open the corresponding map, and find the number in red
5. Locate the brick based on where the red number is placed on the map
6. To print the map, change the paper printing size to 11’X17” or else it will cut off pieces of the map. You may also choose “Auto portrait/landscape” on the print screen, instead of changing the paper size.

For residents who cannot find their brick, the most logical reason is that overtime, the writing has faded and worn away. To learn about purchasing a new brick, please visit this

For more questions about purchasing, please contact the DDA Director at

Thank you!

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