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Permits required by the City of Clawson


Permits required by the City of Clawson

You can request a Building Permit or to Schedule an Inspection online by clicking here.

Permits can also be obtained at the City Building & Planning office.

Building Permits
For new construction, renovations, and demolition.

Electrical Permits
For all electrical work done within the city.

Heating/Cooling Permits
For new installation of furnaces and air conditioners or additions to the heating/cooling system.

Plumbing Permits
For new installation, alteration or addition to the plumbing, water heater replacement, or sewer repair. Upon completion of the work, the Building & Planning Department requires a 24 hour notice for all inspections.

Electrical Inspections
The function of the Building and Engineering Department is to enforce the safe installation of electrical wiring and equipment and to avoid the danger of electrical shock and fire. Inspectors work in conjunction with electrical contractors and building owners to ensure all buildings meet all local electrical code requirements.

The Building and Engineering Department is responsible for a variety of inspections. The primary function of which is to inspect all electrical installations and to check that they are installed in an approved manner to ensure public safety. The Building and Engineering Department responds to complaints of code violations and assures that they are corrected. It also conduct annual inspections of nursing homes, day care centers, electrical signs, and public buildings as defined by the City of Clawson. In addition, the Building and Engineering Department inspects fire alarms, and life safety emergency systems in a variety of buildings and institutions, to ensure code compliance and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q  Can home owners do their own electrical work?
A  Yes. As long as they are the owner and occupant of the home.

Q  Can a commercial / industrial building owner obtain an electrical permit?
A  No. A licensed electrical contractor must obtain the permit and a licensed electrician has to be on site during the inspections.

Q  Does the City of Clawson recommend electrical contractors?
A  No. However, if you call the the Building Department at 248.435.4500 x121 they can help verify if the contractor you have selected is licensed by the City of Clawson.

Q  As a tenant, who do I call if I have electrical violations that the landlord will not repair?
A  Call the Building Department at 248.435.4500 x121. Give as much detailed information as possible, including a daytime phone number so that the inspector can contact you to arrange a date and time for an inspection.

Q  Do I need a rough inspection before the drywall is installed?
A  Yes. To make an appointment, please call the Building Department at 248.435.4500 x121 to arrange for an inspection. Call between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm

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