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Yard Waste, Trash & Recycling


Yard Waste, Trash & Recycling

SOCRRA Mixed Recycling

SOCRRA will have two major recycling improvements in 2017. SOCRRA will be providing 65-gallon carts for recycling collection to all single-family households in the SOCRRA member communities and they will be converting its Material Recycling Facility (MRF) to be able to process mixed recycling.

Yard Waste Policy


The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) takes a very active role in enforcing the ban on the disposal of yard waste (compost) into landfills. As a result, the City of Clawson will only accept yard waste materials during the compost season. 

The 2017 curbside compost collection season starts on Wednesday, April 5th and ends on Wednesday, December 13th, 2017. Use Brown Yard Waste Bags or if you use a Yard Waste container they can be no larger than 35 Gallons and designated for yard waste only. Stickers are free and available at the Clawson DPW & City Hall.

In the absence of curbside collection of yard waste during the winter months, residents can bring leaves, grass, brush bundles and Christmas trees (No fees charged) after Tuesday, December 27th, 2016 until Friday March 31st, 2017 to the Southeastern Oakland County Resource Recovery Authority located at Coolidge Hwy. in Troy. The DPW will pick up fresh cut Christmas Trees curbside January 3rd thru January 12th, 2017. Weather permitting. 

 For further information call the Clawson DPW 248.288.3222. 

Trash Collection Reminders

Please place your bags and cans on the easement in front of your home (off the street) or on the end of your driveway apron.

Pick-Up is on Wednesday—City Wide. Collection trucks may service your street at a different time of day. Every Memorial & Labor Day, collection will be delayed until Thursday. If the Fourth of July, Christmas or New Years falls on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday collection will be delayed until Thursday. Remember that Rubbish, Recycling & Yard Waste are NOT to be placed at the curb earlier than 5pm on the day preceding collection.    

Bag weight limit is 40 lbs. Rubbish containers can be no larger than 35 Gallons with a weight limit 60 lbs. You can call Tringali Sanitation, Inc. at 248.585.9120 if you would like to purchase a larger poly cart trash can. They are the only acceptable cans larger than the permitted 35 gallons.

Socrra Green Recycle Bins can be purchased at the Clawson DPW. They cost $7.00. Cash or checks only please. Sorry no lids. If you need the lid you can purchase them separately or as a set at SOCRRA transfer station on 995 Coolidge, Troy 

Yard Waste containers can be no larger than 35 Gallons and designated for yard waste only with a weight limit of 50 lbs. Stickers are available at the Clawson DPW & City Hall. You can call Tringali Sanitation, Inc. at 248.585.9120 and purchase a larger can for Compost but it must be marked with a Yard Waste sticker and always designated for Yard Waste. They are the only acceptable cans larger than the permitted 35 gallons.

The City's service provider is Tringali Sanitation. Please remember Rubbish, Recycling & Compost (only during pick up season) place out for collection after 5pm on Tuesdays and before 7am Wednesdays. Refuse, Recycle and Yard Waste containers must be removed from the street curb by the following day.

A SOCCRA Reminder
Barbeque grills, lawn mowers, bicycles and other smaller metal items will now be collected for recycling with other large metal appliances. Please place these metal items next to your recycle bin.

Need another bin?


Recycling Bins are $6.00 in the Month April & November

 Make a Difference.. PLEASE RECYCLE
Additional information at

Click here to visit SOCCRA’S page on resident information on recycling.

Recycling Statistics from SOCRRA

Healthy Lawns and Gardens
Compost Use in Turf
article by Ron Alexander.

All plastic containers (if it held something it is a container) can be placed in a small recycle bin or can be dropped off at SOCRRA's Recycling Drop-Off Center - no need to look for the number on the bottom of the container. Examples of acceptable material are water bottles, tubs, trays, buckets (kitty litter containers), milk jugs, orange juice containers, soap containers, microwave dishes, Cool Whip containers, butter tubs, shampoo bottles, molded plastic containers (like strawberry containers, plastic flower flat containers), etc. Please make sure they are empty and rinsed out. Also please remove hard plastic caps and recycle at the drop-off center. Soft lids that come on yogurt containers, butter tubs, etc. can stay on the container. Plastic trash cans or even old recycling bins can be recycled at SOCRRA's Recycling Drop-off Center.

Glass Bottles and Jars
Clear, brown, blue and green. Remove metal lids and place them in recycle bin. 
Cans, pie tins, metal lids, aluminum trays, small metal items, metal clothes hangers, pots and pans, toasters, faucets, silverware, pipe, and other small metal items. Place loose metal lids inside cans and bend so lids don’t fall out. Items must fit in recycling bin.

Plastic Bags
Clean, empty plastic bags are accepted at SOCRRA's Recycling Drop-off Center (cannot be placed in the curbside bin). The following are accepted by SOCRRA's plastic recycler at this time: Plastic bags from grocery/drug stores/dry cleaners/bags newspapers come in/bread bags/clean empty trash bags. Place the bags in the containers in the Plastic Bag shed. No twine or plastic handles please.

Paint and Aerosol Cans
Must be empty. Recycle metal lids. No plastic lids. Do not puncture or remove ends of aerosol containers.
SOCRRA has a instructional video on unused latex paint proper disposal. 

Place in a clear plastic bag inside bin. No automotive batteries in bin (take to drop-off center).

Corrugated Cardboard, Paperboard, Drink Boxes, Boxboard
Fold, flatten, or cut into bundles no larger than recycle bin and tie with twine or tape.
Discard packing material, loose food or badly stained items. Remove all food, cellophane, liners. Empty food and beverage boxes, milk cartons, paper cups, drink & juice boxes. No hard cover books. Flatten paperboard and stuff tightly in biggest paperboard box and tie securely with string or use strong rubber band. Place inside or under recycling bin.

Magazines and Catalogs
Glossy magazines and catalogs. Tie securely with string or use a strong rubber band. May be mixed together with other papers, paperback books and boxes in paper or plastic grocery bags.

Paper, Newspapers, Glossy Ads, Inserts and Mail
Tie securely with string or place in paper or plastic grocery bag. May be mixed together with other papers, paperback books and boxes in paper or plastic grocery bags. (No Kleenex, toilet tissue, paper towels or napkins.)

Telephone Books
Keep dry inside recycling bin.

Hard Cover Books
Hardcover books can be dropped off at SOCRRA's Recycling Drop-off Center (cannot be placed in the curbside bin).

Materials Accepted at Dropoff Centers
All curbside items listed, plus:

  • Automotive batteries
  • Office paper 
  • White paper
  • Electronics
  • Paperbacks
  • Hardcover books
  • Styrofoam is accepted at the Drop off center. You can drop off the following items: cups, take out containers, egg cartons, rinsed meat trays, food trays and lunch trays. All items must be rinsed.  (NO Styrofoam Peanuts) 
  • Paints, garden chemicals, automotive products, oils, household cleaners, solvents, insulin syringes, fluorescent light bulbs, and other hazardous materials from homes..

SOCRRA 995 Coolidge Troy(between 14 Mile and Maple, across from Meijer) 248.288.5153 Must show ID   

(updated 9/9/2015) ***NEW*** No Appointment necessary for Hazardous Waste & Electronics Recycling.


Take to: Novi Crushed Concrete, 46900 W. 12 Mile Road in Novi (free) 248.305.6020, T J Fiore Crushed Concrete for inexpensive disposal (33300 Mound Road in Sterling Heights) 586.939.6200. Otherwise, SOCRRA accepts at Troy Transfer Station for a fee.

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