Diamond Jubilee 75th Anniversary Celebration

Celebrating our 75th Anniversary!

(*updated May 2, 2016)

We are selling Coffee Mugs, Cups, Keychains, T-Shirts, Hooded Sweatshirts and Emroidered Polos that celebrate our 75th Anniversary. These are great items to have for the upcoming 4th of July Holiday.

We have a limited supply left in stock (we are no longer ordering any more) - first come first serve:

    Quantity Left Price  Special Deal
Cups/Coffee Mugs with Diamond Jubilee Logo:      
          White Coffee mug with Blue Handle 109 $3.00 2 for $5
          Blue Coffee mug with white spoon 33 $4.00 2 for $7
          Diamond Thermo Plastic Cup with Straw 27 $5.00 2 for $8
White T-Shirts with Little City with a Big Heart Logo      
Youth Sizes:        
           Small   4 $5.00 2 for $8
           Large   1 $5.00 2 for $8
Adult Sizes:        
           Small   2 $6.00 2 for $10
           Medium   4 $6.00 2 for $10
           Large   6 $6.00 2 for $10
           Xlarge   2 $6.00 2 for $10
           2XL   1 $6.00 2 for $10
           3XL   2 $6.00 2 for $10
Sweatshirt Hoodies with Little City with a Big Heart Logo      
Grey Kids Sizes:        
          Small   1 $22.00 2 for $40
          Medium   1 $22.00 2 for $40
          Large   1 $22.00 2 for $40
Blue Adult Size:         
          Medium   1 $26.00  
White Polo Golf Shirt with Diamond Jubilee Logo      
Adult Size:        
          Womens Medium   1 $20.00  
Keychains with Diamond Jubilee Logo 73 $3.00 2 for $5

Anniversary Tshirts Anniversary Mugs

2015 Marked the City of Clawson's 75th Anniversary. To Celebrate, the Clawson Historical Society endorsed the production of the Clawson 75th Anniversary Booklet. This booklets were hand delivered to every household, business and school in Clawson and are still available at City Hall.

Local artists were invited to enter the City of Clawson’s 75th Anniversary Original Logo Design Contest that commemorates and celebrates the City of Clawson’s incorporation. The 75th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee Celebration will encompass a number of events throughout 2015 and marketing will focus on City of Clawson milestones since its incorporation as a City in 1940. The winner of the Logo Design competition is Gregg Phelps.

Gregg Phelps and Mayor Luebs 75th Anniversary Logo Winnerlogo color A