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Clawson Community Foundation


Clawson Community Foundation

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Clawson is the quintessential example of community. A place in the vast metropolitan of South East Michigan that all of us call home; where neighbors still say hello, children play without fear, and people have a sense of pride in knowing they live in the best city in Michigan.

So how does one give back or support a community that strives to be best place to live in this vast metropolitan area. The question has been answered, the Clawson Community Foundation.

Give to the Clawson Community Foundation

The Clawson Community Foundation (IRS 501c3) accepts funds to enhance programs and opportunities centered on the City of Clawson. The foundation strives to be one of the most effective ways for individuals, groups, private business, or corporations to support philanthropic activity in Clawson.

What is a Community Foundation?

Newly established in 2011, the Clawson Community Foundation strives to follow the six characteristics of community foundations:

  • Supported by a wide range of donors - someone like You!
  • Use of funds to meet community needs.
  • Sense of “community” that overrides individual interests and concerns.
  • Governed by a board of volunteers, who know and care about their community.
  • Commitment to provide leadership on community problems.
  • Commitment to assist donors in their philanthropic goals.

Why Invest in a Community Foundation?

There are many reasons to invest in your local community foundation. Community foundations go beyond simply making grants. They also identify current and emerging issues and channel resources to address community needs.

  • CCF's Board of Directors includes individuals of diverse backgrounds and experience who are leaders in business, community service and philanthropy.
  • As a steward of donor funds, the Clawson Community Foundation follows the rules and regulations of the United States Internal Revenue Service and the State of Michigan.
  • Tax-exempt (501c3).

For more information contact Helen Beamer at

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